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Welcome to Teeming: The CRE Blog!

Welcome to our new blog!

As an interdisciplinary center at the University of the South (Sewanee), the Center for Religion and Environment is uniquely situated to contribute to dialogue around the exciting interface between environmental issues and questions of meaning, value, and faith. With this dialogue, we hope to form leaders for innovative and informed religious environmentalism.

The environmental questions and crises of our day are complex and intersectional. Religious responses to them must address this complexity. Specifically, at CRE we will advance projects and ideas that are integrative, antioppressive, and spiritually grounded.

Religious environmentalism is, by its nature, integrative: it brings together the best scientific insights with the wealth of religious traditions and worldviews. As a liberal arts university, Sewanee has long been committed to this kind of broad collaboration.

Antioppressive work is committed to opposing colonialism, racism and white supremacy, sexism and heterosexism and all forces that alienate, exploit, or oppress human beings and the more-than-human world. While these dynamics may seem tangential to environmental work, the same unjust systems that divide and oppress humans contribute to all sorts of environmental suffering. We believe in confronting those systems directly in our work.

This work must also be spiritually grounded. Our relationship with the more-than-human world is not only intellectual, but also embodied, emotional, aesthetic, prayerful, and meaningful. All of this is encompassed in the idea of spirituality. Environmental crises are spiritual crises, and we will need to mobilize the resources of faith traditions and spiritual worldviews to confront them.

In this blog, we will explore these core values. Among other things, we plan to write and reflect on themes of biodiversity, environmental racism and reparations, climate change, theologies and spiritualities of creation, nature and emergent systems, and belonging. These pages are a way to begin these discussions, which we hope to continue in other ways: essays, webinars, podcasts, and conferences and classes.

“Teeming” is a term used in the book of Genesis to refer to the multitude of life. It conjures ideas of abundance, complexity, emergence, and creativity. Land and seas teem with life – overflowing, swarming, generating. This word describes the richness and diversity of the creation. It also describes the interdisciplinary, diverse, generative discussions we hope to spark here at CRE. We hope you’ll join us!

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